Here at Edge Self Storage, we have a number of Climate-Control Storage Units available for rent. Depending on what you need your unit for, will depend on what size you need. We wanted to share our sizes with you and provide some ideas on what can fit in each size.

Locker Box

Our locker box units are great for keeping important documents and small items.

5×5 Storage Units

Within a 5×5 unit, you can keep small to medium-sized boxes as well as a sofa and even a small mattress set. If you’re looking for a unit to keep your seasonal items in, this unit is ideal.

5×8 Storage Unit & 6×8 Storage Unit

For reference, our 5×8 and 6×8 units are about the size of a small walk-in closet. These units would work great if you’re moving out of a small apartment and you only need to place a few items in storage. Essentially you could fit a couch, table, a TV, several chairs, and some small to medium-sized boxes.

5×10 Storage Unit & 6×10 Storage Unit

With our 5×10 & 6×10 units, you can imagine the size of a medium walk-in closet. If you’re not sure if the 5×8 or 6×8 is going to be large enough, these are great sizes. Within these units, you can fit a couch, table, a TV, some chairs, and small to medium-sized boxes.

6×14 Storage Unit

A 6×14 unit is essentially the same size as a large walk-in closet. Within a 6×14 unit, you can fit a bedroom set (including a queen-sized mattress), dresser and nightstands, and medium to large boxes. If you have too much stuff at home, and want to store some of it so it’s out of your hair, this is a great option!

10×14 Storage Unit

If you’re moving out of an apartment or a small house, our 10×14 units may be what you need for storing your items. This size unit can accommodate items from several rooms including your living room and kitchen.

9×16 Storage Unit

Similar to a 10×14 unit, our 9×16 can accommodate items from several rooms. It is perfect for two-bedroom sets along with several medium-sized boxes.

10×16 Storage Unit

Just smaller than a one-car garage, a 10×16 unit can fit quite a bit! It can fit the contents of three full bedrooms, as well as larger items such as a couch, table, refrigerator, and several medium to large-sized boxes.

9×20 Storage Unit

With a 9×20 unit, it is just smaller than a one-car garage but is longer in size. It is great for any individual who may do woodworking and plumbing because it can hold longer items perfectly.

10×20 Storage Unit

Need to store a whole house? This is the unit for you! A 10×20 is great for oversized items such as a couch, refrigerator, washer and dryer, and medium to oversized boxes!

12×15 Storage Unit

Much like a 10×20, our 12×15 is perfect for someone who needs to store the contents of their house!

If you’re near the Hamburg, PA area and are looking for a climate-controlled storage unit, consider storing at Edge Self Storage! We also have parking spaces available for rent! Our parking spaces are perfect for RVs, boats, trucks, trailers and cars! Contact us today to discuss storing with us and to find out what units we have available for rent.

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