Here at Edge Self Storage, we have a variety of climate-controlled storage units. This type of unit will better protect your valuables than a typical outdoor storage unit will. We know the importance of protecting those items, this is why we chose to offer climate-controlled units. In this blog, we wanted to review a few benefits of having this type of storage unit.

Protection from Change of Temperature

First and foremost, probably the most important reason is that climate-controlled units protect your items from the drastic change in temperatures that we experience throughout the year in the Northeast. For some items that are stored in units, you do not want them to experience the cold weather of winter or the hot weather of summer. Extreme temperature changes can warp wood, crack leather, yellow books and other papers, and damage antiques and art pieces. Our units are set within a specific temperature range all year-round to ensure that your items are protected against the outdoor temps.

Protects Your Items from Extra Dust and Debris

Due to the fact that your items are protected with an extra set of walls and ceiling, means that your items are protected from all of the dust and debris outside. If you have ever had an outdoor storage unit, you know that come the fall, leaves can end up in your storage unit. This will not happen when you store your items in a climate-controlled unit.

Comfort from the Elements

When accessing your belongings in your climate control unit you are protected from the outdoor elements. You do not have to worry about if it is raining, too hot, or too cold when you want to get something out of your unit. Also, due to the air circulation in the building, you will not experience stagnant air when entering your unit. Climate controlled units are give you that comfort factor that outdoor units lack.

Added Protection for Your Items

We know the items you choose to store in your unit, may have some value, and having something happen to those items, such as a possible theft will be felt. With storing your items in our climate-controlled storage units, you have extra protection with our security system. You can rest assured only individuals who have storage units in the same building as you can enter that building with our keycode access. Also, the locks we chose for our units are uniform. This makes it difficult for anyone to know whether a unit is full or vacant.

Protection From Moisture/Dryness

Climate controlled storage units also keep moisture and dryness in check. Just like in your home the heating and air conditioning units pull moisture out of the air as they run. This helps to prevent condensation from temperature changes. Without moisture control condensation can build up and cause mold and mildew issues. The opposite is also true. If the unit is too dry it can cause wood to splinter and leather to crack. The heating and air conditioning units used on climate-controlled storage work to balance out these conditions during our changing seasons.

We pride ourselves in providing you with the best units possible. If you are looking for a storage unit near Hamburg, PA contact us today! We are conveniently located off Hex Highway (Old 22) in Hamburg, PA and are easily accessible.

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