When it comes to finances, there are important documents that need to be saved. This is true for both business owners and individuals. Storing these important documents can end up taking more space than you may want it to at your home or business. When that happens, it is time to consider storing them off-site, such as at Edge Self Storage.

Here at Edge Self Storage, we have several different size storage units that would work for storing these important documents. Our units are also climate-controlled, which is a benefit when storing so much paperwork.


For individuals, there are not as many financial documents that need to be saved. A locker box may be just the right size for your files. Add a little shelving unit in the locker box to provide an easy way to keep the boxes organized and easy to access.


For businesses, the amount of financial documents you need to save is far more than an individual. With this in mind, you may want a larger walk-in unit. Here are some tips on how to organize all of those documents:

  • Set up some shelving around the walls of your unit to allow easy access.
  • Use either file boxes or plastic containers to hold your documents.
  • Separate your paperwork to have it organized in a manner that makes sense for your business.
  • Remember to mark your boxes so you know everything that is included.

When the time comes to store your important financial documents, remember Edge Self Storage. We are conveniently located just outside of the town of Hamburg, PA, and are in close proximity to I-78.

Head over to our “Rent-A-Unit” page to see what units we have available to rent or give us a call at 610-562-3343. We look forward to helping you save space and store all of those important financial documents that you definitely can’t throw away.

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